Service Specs

Termite and Pest Control Licensed and Insured

Service Specifications for Termite Service

The Different Types of Slabs

suppporting slab
monolithic slab

floating slab

Supported Slab
Monolithic Slab
Floating Slab

Conventional Crawl
Hollow Block
crawl space hollow block

Listed below are some steps that may be used for treatment of termites.

termite monitoring station termite bait station
Monitoring / Bait Stations are inserted into the soil surounding the entire home/establishment. These will be check throughout the duration of the year.
interior expansion technique
The interior expansion joints will be treated with either a liquid or foam.
vertical drill technique Settlement cracks and walls close to pipes will be treated with either a liquid or foam.
short rod technique
Soil against the exterior wall may be treated using a short rod technique.
hollow block technique
Hollow block in the interior crawl space and exterior slab will be treated.
trench and rod technique
The soil around the foundation wall will be trenched and treated with a rod technique.