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Termites vs Ants


Termites and Ants are similar looking. It may be hard to see the difference between the

 two insects. Hopefully the diagram below will help you tell the difference.



A termite
An Ant
Color most termites are typically whitish, often almost clear--you can usually see the food in their gut, but the winged ones are usually much darker (as above) many possible colours, usually black or dark red or brown
Shape six-legged grub, fairly short legs six-legged grub with narrow waist, legs longer.
Wings if present, 4, twice as long as body, all roughly the same size and shape, deciduous if present, 4, about the same length as body, rear wings obviously smaller, wings retained
Head no eyes unless winged form usually eyes
Antennae like a string of pearls definitely elbowed
Body soft harder, tougher

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